About Us

We are key capita fund, We have been providing banking solutions for over 30 years.

We are the most preferred, trustworthy, leading bank in America because we provide rapid, efficient and top quality banking solutions to meet the needs of customers and consistently enhance shareholder's value.

We believe value is created for our customers by having true quality in-person service focused on solutions that make life easier for them.

Why Choose Us


We have been operating in the banking industry for over 30 years and our results speaks for us.


Our professional and expert advisors are alway on hand to guide through the muddles of financial issues.


We have revolutionalized the banking industry in America with our innovative services which strictly adhere to industry standards.


All our solutions are fashioned to sustain and move our clients forward in all fields of their endeavours.


In an industry where trust and integrity are hard to come by, social community bank stands out in integrity and trust from our numerous customers.


We are reliable and effective in issuing solutions and the best options that will be beneficial to our clients.

Great Managment

Our management team is thorough and always profering policies that will be beneficial to both our clients and shareholders .


our banking solutions are always innovative to suit your banking needs and give you an upper hand in all angles.


Our Executive Team

Our uniquely collaborative and passionate people work alongside our clients every step of the way—caring more, telling it like it is—to anticipate and overcome all the barriers to change.

Robert Miller

Managing Director & CEO

Stephen Everett

Chief Financial Officer

Philip Hennessy

Senior Loans Specialist

Danny Brandt

Chief Mortgage Advisor

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